Louisa Helgenberger

Program Manager

Program's Aim


To increase immunization coverage and eliminate vaccine preventable diseases through immunization.


The FSM Immunization program in coordination and collaboration with the Division of Primary Health Care and Public Health Clinics under each State Department of Health Services and also in partnership with private Hospitals, Clinics and Community health Centers strives to eliminate the transmission of vaccine preventable diseases through effective immunization programs and outbreak control measures. Utilizing best practice strategies and evidence-based programming, the steps to achieve this missioin include:

1. Improving the effectiveness of immunizatioin delivery systems.

2. Increasing immunizatioin access for all.

3. Protecting the community through high immunization rates.

"Protect yourself and your loved ones. Get vaccinated."


Events/ Activities

MMR Campaign Chuuk 2013

MLM Training Yap 2013

Outreach Chuuk 2013

MMR campaign in Chuuk 2010

MMR Campaign in Pohnpei 03/2011

Coodinators Meeting 05/2011